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General PCR Tests

  • RT-PCR
  • Suitable for those wishing to find out if they have the virus.
  • Symptomatic patients can be tested outside from the car. 
  • Same Day results available.
  • 99.5% of results to date returned within the advertised time.

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About the test:

All our tests ar RT-PCR tests.  RT-PCR tests are taken to see if you currently have COVID-19. They are the industry standard for diagnosing or excluding COVID-19 infections, and currently are the only test widely used for travel certification. We partner with leading laboratories across the UK undertaking RT-PCR tests.

How is the sample taken?

222 Healthcare offers GP-led testing. A swab is either taken from your throat and nose or from just your nose by our team or by yourself under our direct guidance. All our healthcare workers wear PPE when testing you. They will undertake an ID check on you prior to testing.  We do not routinely offer postal testing for our PCR tests.

About self-testing

You can choose to self-test under our guidance for added safety. When you arrive at our site we ID check you and supervise the test from outside your car. Alternatively, you may wish to come up to our clinical room and have your test taken there.

What happens to your sample?

Once taken, the sample is quickly sent off to one of our partner laboratories by courier service to get the quickest turnaround times for you we can.  We obtain a super quick turnaround for those who book same day and urgent tests by booking an extra courier for you.

When will you get your Result?

Currently our pricing and turnaround times vary to help us to meet your requirements. 99.5% of our results arrive within the time window booked.   We are offering 3-6 hour results, same day results, 24 hour results and 36 hour results windows.  Whilst our results often come sooner, we are proud that over 99.5% of our results to date have come on time

Do I need to quarantine pending my result?

As accurate on 11th February 2022, you do not need to quarantine pending your PCR test result.  However please note rules are subject to change at short notice.

What about unforeseen Laboratory Delays?

Thankfully we have great laboratory partnerships, and it is incredibly rare for us not to meet our deadlines. However we are sure you are aware of the evolving and unpredictable nature of the COVID crisis, and demand levels for tests can suddenly surge. Our timings match the pre-agreed turnaround deadlines we have reached with each laboratory we use. We cannot take responsibility for unforeseen delays that may arise in the lab, however, we will seek to claim money back for the test should the result take longer than our laboratory agreements to process. When required for flying, we recommend the sample is taken as early as possible in the time window provided to you to avoid disappointment. Feel free to contact us by phone to discuss your requirements.

How do we send your results?

222 Healthcare will contact you once we receive the result, and if it is negative, we will provide you with a medical certificate to travel (PDF Copy). 

Health Emergencies

YOU SHOULD CALL 999 NOW if you have:

  • SIGNS OF A HEART ATTACK (pain like a very tight band, heavy weight or squeezing in the centre of your chest).
  • SIGNS OF A STROKE (face drooping on one side, can’t hold both arms up, difficulty speaking severe difficulty breathing).
  • HEAVY BLEEDING (that won’t stop).
  • SEVERE INJURIES (or deep cuts after a serious accident).
  • SEIZURE (FIT) (someone is shaking or jerking because of a fit, or is unconscious (can’t be woken up)).

If you are uncertain whether your problem could be an emergency and you can’t access an appointment with us within the next hour, we advise you call 111 now or visit NHS 111 online now.