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Lateral Flow Test Click and Collect

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  • Self-administered Lateral Flow Test in a single use pack  that can be done anywhere..
  • Easy to Follow guided online instructions
  • Can be used for fit to fly lateral flow test.   
  • Also suitable for unvaccinated travellers to take away with them and use as a pre-departure test before entering the UK.
  • Photo of result uploaded direct to laboratory
  • All results validated by UKAS-accredited laboratory
  • QR coded results certificate sent directly to your email address within 2 hours of completing test
  • In-house customer service team available (10AM-4PM Monday – Friday; 9AM-12PM Weekends).
  • 5 star customer experiences – Find us on google


What are Rapid Tests?

‘Rapid tests’ are sometimes known as lateral flow tests. They are tests that are taken and processed immediately after taking your sample. After completing the swabbing process, your sample is mixed in a solution and then applied to a test device, which offers a result within 15-30 minutes after sampling.
To date, they are not as sensitive as PCR tests (which remains the ‘gold standard’) however the speed of result can be beneficial in many settings, and they are significantly more affordable than PCR tests.

How do I sample myself?

We always recommend to first visit the laboratory portal: to do this, you will find a sticker on the box with a QR code to scan (or alternatively a URL to type directly into your browser). You will find simple instructions to follow. You will also find manufacturers instructions inside your test pack.
These instructions will guide you to sample yourself (nose +/- throat), mix your sample with the liquid reagent, and apply the sample to your test cassette.

How do I upload my result?

There is a sticker on the box with a QR code to scan, or alternatively a URL to type directly into your browser. This will take you to the laboratory portal, where there are simple instructions to follow, guiding you to first enter your personal details and then to upload a photo of your result. Please be sure that your photo meets with the requirements as will be made clear in the iinstructions, as failure to do so may result in an invalid result.)

What if I require assistance?

It is best if you call us between 10-4pm on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends for assistance. Outside of these hours we recommend you email us marked urgent.

What if I require assistance?

It is best if you call us between 10-4pm on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends for assistance. Outside of these hours we recommend you email us marked urgent.

How will i get my result?

Your result will come to you directly from the laboratory as soon as they have validated it. This process takes 1- 2 hours. All our laboratories are UKAS accredited. If you plan to test yourself during night hours (e.g. between 8PM and 8AM) please notify us in advance as some of our lab partners do not routinely validate results overnight.

What if I make mistake?

Please try to test yourself as early in your travel window as you can, as if you make a mistake then this gives us the maximum chance to assist you to complete your test or to get a repeat test. The good news is we are a local service and we can either bring you to the clinic or we can make special arrangements for you to collect a further pack to be collected to repeat the test. Please note there will be a charge for a replacement pack in the event of a mistake.

What if I test positive?

If you test positive you will get a certificate from the laboratory saying accordingly. It can be possible to test positive either because you have the virus (a true positive) or very occasionally as a false positive, where some other factor causes the positive result (for instance a related virus). We recommend to arrange a PCR test for anyone who tests positive with a lateral flow test.

Which Test Type do you use?

222 Healthcare is constantly monitoring the market, and has procured 2 types of rapid tests for home self testing for travel:

Healgen Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test:
The Healgen Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (Swab), as defined in its supporting documentation, has a sensitivity of 98.32% (95% CI 94.06% – 99.80%) and Specificity of 99.60% (95% CI 98.83% – 99.92%). The test devices are CE Marked.

Excalibur Rapid Test for detecting Coronavirus Antigen:
The Excalibur rapid test for detecting coronavirus antigen (COVID-19), as defined in its supporting documentation, has a sensitivity of 96.19% and Specificity of 99.20%. The test devices are CE Marked.

What if I am travelling to the USA?

If you need a lateral flow test for the USA, your test needs to be witnessed by a medical professional. At this time we do not recommend home ‘click and collect’ tests for this purpose. We recommend you to book in for an in-clinic test at Stokenchurch Medical Centre with one of our FDA approved test devices.

Health Emergencies

YOU SHOULD CALL 999 NOW if you have:

  • SIGNS OF A HEART ATTACK (pain like a very tight band, heavy weight or squeezing in the centre of your chest).
  • SIGNS OF A STROKE (face drooping on one side, can’t hold both arms up, difficulty speaking severe difficulty breathing).
  • HEAVY BLEEDING (that won’t stop).
  • SEVERE INJURIES (or deep cuts after a serious accident).
  • SEIZURE (FIT) (someone is shaking or jerking because of a fit, or is unconscious (can’t be woken up)).

If you are uncertain whether your problem could be an emergency and you can’t access an appointment with us within the next hour, we advise you call 111 now or visit NHS 111 online now.