Our Ultrasound Scanning Services

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Abdominal Ultrasound

Evaluate organs such as the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys for any abnormalities or conditions.

Private GP High Wycombe, Marlow

Pelvic Ultrasound

Assess the uterus, ovaries, and bladder, often used to investigate pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, or other gynecological concerns.

Private GP High Wycombe, Marlow

Thyroid Ultrasound

Examine the thyroid gland for nodules, enlargement, or other issues, providing valuable information for diagnosing thyroid conditions.

Private GP High Wycombe, Marlow

Vascular Ultrasound

Assess blood flow in arteries and veins, helping to diagnose conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or carotid artery disease.

Private GP High Wycombe, Marlow

Soft Tissue Ultrasound

Investigate lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities in soft tissues, providing detailed imaging for accurate diagnosis.

Private GP High Wycombe, Marlow

Testicular Ultrasound

Examine your testicles with ultrasound to assess symptoms such as pain, swelling or lumps in the testicle/scrotum

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Why Choose Our Ultrasound Scanning Services?


Visit our easily accessible clinic for your scans, or opt for a premium home visit if you prefer the comfort of your own home.

Expert Care

Our sonographers are highly trained professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and detailed imaging. Furthermore, our on site Private GPs are there for you as needed!

Comprehensive Services

We offer a range of ultrasound scans to meet your needs throughout your journey.

Medical Pricing

Our Clinic

Home Visit

Abdomen & Pelvic£350£400
Abdomen & Urinary Tract£350£400
Abdomen / Liver£250£300
Abdomen, Pelvic & Urinary Tract£405£455
Abdominal Aorta for Aneurysm (AAA)£250£300
Abdominal, Urinary Tract and Testicular£405£455
Appendicitis (Men)£230£280
Appendicitis (Women)£230£280
Breast Ultrasound (Unilateral)£250£300
Breast Ultrasound (Bilateral)£305£355
Full Body Ultrasound Scan£650£700
Hernia (Men)£230£280
Hernia (Women)£230£280
Kidney / Urinary Tract (Men)£250£300
Kidney / Urinary Tract (Women)£250£300
Lumps & Bumps (One Area)£250£300
Lumps & Bumps (Two Areas)£335£385
Lymph Node (1 Area)£250£300
Lymph Node (2 Areas)£335£385
Lymph Node (Whole Body)£430£480
Pelvic & Urinary Tract£335£385
Thyroid / Neck - Men£230£280
Thyroid / Neck - Women£230£280
Urinary Tract and Testicular£330£380

Vascular Doppler Scans Pricing

Our Clinic

Home Visit

Arterial - Carotid Doppler£250£300
Arterial Doppler Unilateral£250£300
Arterial Doppler Bilateral£350£400
Varicose Vein - One Limb£290£340
Varicose Vein - Two Limbs£430£480
Venous - DVT Unilateral£250£300
Venous - DVT Bilateral£430£480
Peripheral Arterial Doppler Ultrasound – ABPI One Limb£290£340
Peripheral Arterial Doppler Ultrasound and ABPI-Two Limbs£430£480

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