6 ways a corporate GP service could benefit your business

Sophie Comas

August 29, 2022

Employee absence due to illness can amount to an enormous long-term expense to employers. At a time when businesses are striving to address rising costs and grow post-COVID, looking for ways to improve employee’s health, morale and motivation is essential. After all, healthy employees mean a happy, productive team! This is where a comprehensive corporate GP service could help. 

Investing in employee wellbeing with a corporate GP service not only provides your team with direct access to a trusted GP, but it also reduces the impact and cost untreated health concerns can bring through absent staff. A corporate GP service takes care of your team with preventions, treatments and support in recovery, providing a full package of care. At 222 Healthcare, our corporate clients access their GP service through on-site visits, via virtual appointments or visiting our clinic.

From training and ease of access, in this month’s blog we wanted to share 6 ways your business can benefit from a corporate GP service:

1. Getting an appointment

It is getting harder and harder to get a GP appointment. Long waits in telephone queues and – increasingly – the surgery is asking patients to fill in an online form then wait for a call back or message. This brings uncertainty and a sense of unease to many.

With a corporate GP service, making an appointment usually only requires a quick call, email, or visit to an online booking portal. Companies can even be provided with a booking portal that is embedded on their intranet for all employees to access, making booking an appointment as easy as pie!

2. Continuity of care

Thanks to pressures on the NHS and the volume of daily requests, seeing a GP for your appointment let alone the same GP consistently, can be a challenge. Increasingly in the NHS, nurses, physicians’ assistants and paramedics are seeing patients instead of GP’s during appointments. With our corporate GP service, your employees gain direct access to the GP of their choice, bringing familiarity and continuity back to the experience of GP care.

3. Treating Illness Quickly

A corporate GP can be easily accessed meaning your team’s health concerns can be swiftly addressed and do not go untreated. A timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan minimises the time lost at work, improves productivity and gives your employee peace of mind. 

4. Attracting and retaining employees

With the impact of The Great Resignation still looming and a candidate driven job market, employers need to prioritise ways of keeping talent…and attracting it! The offer of a corporate GP service demonstrates to your staff and job applicants that you value and care about their health, especially if this service is extended to their immediate family. A medical with an experienced GP can offer insights into personal health and initiate positive lifestyle changes that impact both home and work life, so it’s a valuable benefit to share with your team. 

5. Health and Wellbeing Training

So much more than just medicals, a corporate GP service can offer talks and training at the office, offering guidance on how to improve both physical and mental health.  They can also help you tailor a programme of wellbeing training and services covering meditation, yoga & Pilates with experienced and trusted practitioners, boosting your team’s morale and mental wellbeing. 

6. Confidential Care

As an employee, you can enjoy all of the benefits a corporate GP service brings whilst being rest assured that the GPs are bound by professional standards and follow rules of patient confidentiality.  

However, as is true for any doctor you see, corporate GPs do have a duty to the general public, so there are instances where they may be dutybound to tell someone. For instance, if you develop an infectious and dangerous disease such as tuberculosis and plan to return to the workplace without telling anyone.

In summary

We hope we’ve given an insight into how corporate GP service could benefit not just your employees on an individual basis, but the business as a whole. Of course, if you would like to find out more about how 222 Healthcare’s corporate GP service can work for your business, simply get in touch!