Unlock Access to Private GP Services with Your Healthcare Policy: Seize the Opportunity!

Dr Oliver Large

March 4, 2024

Why not dust off and review your private health insurance policy? You might discover it covers private GP consultations near your home!

In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, private health insurance plays a crucial role beyond hospital stays. It empowers individuals to take charge of their health right in their neighbourhood. However, accessing these benefits has become challenging, prompting insurers to seek innovative solutions to meet policyholders' evolving needs, including access to private GPs.

Traditionally, private GP appointments weren't covered by insurance. Initially, access to private healthcare required a visit to an NHS GP, who would provide an initial assessment and, if necessary, issue a private referral letter.

Yet, with the increasing difficulty in accessing NHS GPs, this pathway has become cumbersome for patients, driving them to seek alternatives. In response, insurers have expanded access to online GPs. However, limitations such as the inability to conduct thorough examinations and high referral rates have led insurers to explore providing in-person access to local private GPs.

For instance, AXA offers up to £500 per year for GP services on both their Personal Health and Health-for-You plans, while Freedom Health provides up to £300 per person for private GP consultations. This offers timely access to quality healthcare without the hassle of NHS wait times.

Additionally, for individuals who travel frequently or have a penchant for adventure, European or worldwide cover could be the solution. Companies like Now Health International offer comprehensive plans that include private GP services, ensuring access to care whether you're in London or Laos.

So, dust off that policy, give it a once-over, and seize the opportunity to unlock the door to quality healthcare on your terms. Remember, private health insurance isn't just for emergencies; it's your passport to proactive healthcare whenever and wherever you need it.